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Research Proposal Writing

Academic Sciences is a UK based research consultancy with a vast array of qualified and professional writers. Our proposal writing service allows you to consult with our writers regarding your undergraduate or postgraduate thesis proposal. Your dissertation is one of the most important aspects of your degree, so it is vital that your dissertation proposal is prepared flawlessly, to make sure that your overall grade is as high as it can be. Our proposal writing service forms part of our thesis writing service and other assignment writing services.

When you require help with your proposal, by approaching Academic Sciences you will be seeking advice from some of the most educated and qualified professionals in the UK. We will make sure that your writer is specifically qualified within your subject area, making sure that your proposal is only written the way it should be. Our UK dissertation writing service allows all individuals, no matter what their own academic capabilities, to be able to create a dissertation that represents 3 -6 years of hard, painstaking study. We know how hard it is to write a research proposal, everybody who works for Academic Sciences has been there and understands the processes involved.

When your use our proposal writing service, we can edit or create from scratch, a proposal that covers all aspects of your dissertation, from that included in the introduction, the way your methodology will be used, the analysis of the findings, how this will be discussed and the impact this will have upon future research. We are also able to assist you with your statistical analysis should you require this.

It’s really simple to use our proposal writing service, simply give us a call on 0203 011 2240 or email us at

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  • If you wish to speak to one of our friendly consultants, please call: 0203 011 2240
  • Text/whatsapp 07799 422 993
  • And it is even easier to ping us an on-line message!


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