Graduate Research is able to offer you a professional proofreading, marking, editing and critiquing service helping you to achieve the perfect paper, first time.

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There are so many students who lose marks for poor presentation, inaccurate proofreading and grammatically incorrect sentences, lack of clarity and technical vocabulary and inadequate referencing. Our professionals, who include former lecturers, can go through your work and suggest changes that will get you the mark that you want. Universities not only look for content that is rich in detail, but work that is perfectly constructed, referenced correctly and most of all – completely error free!

The benefits of proofreading. 
There are a great many benefits to having your work proofread. Here are just a few: 
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We have a choice of 4 services for you to choose from, from simple proofing through to the ultimate in editing and perfecting![hozbreak]

Option 1: Proofreading – Bronze

Although your word processor is likely to have a spelling and grammar check built in, they don’t work quite how we would like them to. Our proofreading service makes sure that your work is: 
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Option 2: Proofreading and Marking – Silver

Our marking option includes all the benefits of our proofreading service but includes comprehensive marking.

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Option 3: Proofreading, Marking and Critiquing – Gold 
Our critiquing option includes all the benefits of our proofreading and marking service but includes comprehensive critiquing.
This service is aimed at those who have to make sure it’s right, first time. Your work will be critiqued and suggestions made for ways on boosting your grade (if needed), on structure and flow alongside other perfecting improvements.
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Option 4: Proofreading, Marking, Critiquing and Editing – Platinum
This is the platinum of all of our proofreading options. The platinum package includes everything in from option 3, but the changes are made for you! This is great if you don’t have time to make them yourself or are already exhausted or stressed from editing and re-editing. Your piece of work is returned fully edited.
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Our price structuring is simple for our Marking, Proofreading and Editing services and is available up to 100,000 words!*

Bronze – £15 for every 1,000 words

Silver – £20 for every 1,000 words

Gold – £25 for every 1,000 words

Platinum – £39 for every 1,000 words

*Minimum order of 1000 words, after which 250 word increments are accepted. [/styledbox]


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