We pride ourselves in providing custom essay writing that is not only accurate, but of a standard that makes you smile. Please find the following testimonials as a reference for the quality of the work we provide. The following are genuine Graduate Research Reviews that we have received*.

*All testimonials are accurate and are taken directly from emails received from clients and therefore includes their spelling mistakes. These emails are kept for future verification if needed to allow us to genuinely show our Graduate Research reviews to Trading Standards if this is ever requested. [hozbreak] 

“Im very well thanks, I just had a look at the work it looks really good. Thank you!” – Mark, UK. [hozbreak] 
“I have received the attachment, it’s great, honestly … I just don’t know enough words to express myself effectively, as the only thing I know that I couldn’t do anything without your continuous support and a very big, fat and massive thank you… thank you soooooooo much for your willingness to help out wherever there is a need, and from the bottom of my heart… its truly, highly and greatly appreciated.” Dean, UK. [hozbreak] 
“Thank you very much.” Harry, UK. [hozbreak] 
“Thank you so very much, really truly appreciated as always.” – Blake, UK [hozbreak] 
“YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKS BRILL.” – Sam, UK. [hozbreak] 
“Truly I appreciate every bit of your reliable work, thank you.” – Mary, Scotland. [hozbreak] 
“I am much relieved that I met you, because you are reliable. Thanks.” – Victoria, UK. [hozbreak] 
“Thanks  for the work, I am writing to tell you that I have received the 3 course works which I requested . I have sent them to my tutors. I must tell you that  I am really impressed with the coursework it was very clear.” – Grace, UK. [hozbreak] 
“Please give my thanks to the writer, and of course, thank you! ” – Savannah, UK. [hozbreak] 
“I received the documents and was impressed.  Thanks  a lot!” – Hayley, UK. [hozbreak]
“Wonderful. Thank you so much.” – Katia, UK. [hozbreak]
“I would like to thank you and your team for the amazing help you have given me. Your service has been excellent. I will, if I ever need,certainly use the service again. ” – Ian, UK. [hozbreak]
“Brilliant” – Kay, UK. [hozbreak]

“I am very pleased with the work, well written, good structure and on time. Definitely, I’m going to use your good service again and I will contact you by email to explain the work before placing the order. ” – Naji, UK. [hozbreak]

“Thank you for your work, i am really happy with the end product (looks clean) and makes for a good read. ” – Daniel, UK. [hozbreak]

“I am really happy with the service; I will publicly acknowledge this once the assignment is over.” – Raja, UK. [hozbreak]
“..thanks sooooo much. just read through it and its going to form a great template to my essay, thanks very much. its also helped me understand how to lay these things out oh and the all important referancing. fantasticthanks.” – Greg, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you very much for your help.” – Glynnis, UK. [hozbreak]
“Great! Thank you very much!” – Katie, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you soo much…” – Nicole, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thanks so much for the essays, please pass on my thanks to the writer/writers too 🙂 Everything was really great.” – Leanne, UK. [hozbreak]
“Looked through the assignment just now. I am very happy with it, thank you very much (thank the writer for me please as well). I feel relieved now 🙂 I will be definitely recommending your services to other people.” – Elsie, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you very much for the final piece of work. It is greatly appreciated and will assist me to complete my project. Your assistance has been vital to me. .” – Karl, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you very much. Now that is what I am talking about 🙂 The writer of this report did a brillian job 🙂 Nearly all of my references that I have send were used. The text itself is very logically structured and well written. ” – Joanna, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you. You will definitely be recommend by me.” – Amir, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you so much . I recieved the work and I  appreciate writers work and his effort and also special thanks to your kindly deal. ” – Naz, UK. [hozbreak]
“Wow! What a difference. Many thanks for this, as you can see writing is not my strong point and am very grateful for you turning this around so quickly. If I only I had go in touch back in October maybe this would be a different story.” – Jess, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you so much for the email, I am so pleased and satisfied with the documents you’ve sent to me.” – Saz, UK. [hozbreak]
“your after care service is wicked. im getting your name out there.” – Ryan, UK. [hozbreak]
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you in particular, and to Graduate Research in general for every tiny thing you have done for me. On both a professional and a personal level, I really appreciated the time that you and your writers were able to spend on doing the work.Again, thanks so much for your support. I have no doubt that the paper would not have been a professional paper without your presence.” – Daniel, UK. [hozbreak]
“I am very happy with your work, and my confidence in Academic Science has sky-rocketed. I’ll soon be in contact again for my last essay.” – Iman. UK. [hozbreak]
“Well what can I say…. other than WOW… I can finally see what is expected from an academic piece of work, and reading what the writer has to say in relation to referencing helps tremendously. Can you please pass my THANKS onto your writer and let him/her know that I am “over the moon” with the amount of effort and support they have given me on this piece of work. I have another essay pending (due Feb) and will definitely be sending it your way (soon) in order to gain your help once again. I also have another possible candidate who will be coming to you for help, as like me she is struggling with this particular topic.” – Celia, Kent. UK

Follow up: “Please thank the writer once again for her tremendous help. The images were fantastic and I am going to sit this evening, go through them thoroughly and decide which ones I need to go into the paper. Can I just add that this writer has been a “joy” to work with. She is very methodical and her replies are very clear and easy to understand. MANY MANY THANKS.” – Celia, Kent. UK. [hozbreak]
“The editing and proofread you have done for me was brilliant! I would definitely come back when I do my post-graduate course and recommend Graduate Research to my friends whoever needs it. Thank you very much.” – Jackson, UK.[hozbreak]
“I’ve read it and I love it – thank you so much for your work.” – Lee, UK.

Follow up: “I defo will be using you again” – Lee, UK.

Follow up:Just to let you know that I did attain my 1st grade for my assignement that you proofread for me :)” – Lee, UK.
“I would recommend any student to academic sciences. I had the ideas for good grades but I struggled with sentence structure and this really let me down! I emailed Louise and she was very friendly and helpful, she assured me they were there to help. Communication was very quick and the feedback and vipe scan were really good! At university they do not allow students to hand in drafts, which is very frightening when a coursework is worth so much! The feedback provided is only going to make you mark increase :)” – Sally, London. UK. [hozbreak]
“I do not know what I would have done without academic sciences. They are personable, reliable and deliver on time. After having a hard time with my dissertation teacher at university, I went to a company on the internet and was terribly let down when the work wasn’t delivered. Academic sciences are truly amazing. When I was stressed and panicked and didn’t think I could pull through those couple of weeks before the hand in date, Academic sciences was my life line! They completely went beyond my expectations and I cannot recommend them enough. Louise was always there on the phone if I had any questions about my work, she was fully supportive and responded straight away. I could even speak with my writer (which a number of companies don’t allow you to do!). Within 4 days I had two chapters completed, to an extremely high standard. They followed my plan exactly. This company is genuine, legitimate and extremely professional. I have never been more relieved. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling.” – Bianca, London. UK[hozbreak]
“The professional writers from Graduate Research provided me the assistance I needed for my Essay writing. With their help, I not only received great tips on my research paper, I also received the desired Essay grade.” – Aleasia, Burlington. USA [hozbreak]
“Graduate Research has saved me! When every other website disappointed me, I thought I’d just try this last website and god did it make my life easier! Within two weeks I had my whole dissertation completed and submitted. Not only was I impressed, even my supervisor greatly appreciated “my” work :p With prompt communication and great significane given to the details, I really felt as if the writer treated the assignment as their own, will definitely recommend Graduate Research to everyone out there seeking a professional writer to do their assignment!” – Paras, Islamabad. [hozbreak]
“Now this is what I’m talking about! Thank you very much you are a life saver!! Compared to the other company wow. The work is excellent. I might have some more for you now 😛 I will email you again shortly. Thank you very much once again and please thank the writer.” – Adam, UK. [hozbreak]
“I just read all the essays and it was beyond my expectation hehe.Thank you so much for your help!” – Mira, UK. [hozbreak]
“The editing and proofread you have done for me was brilliant!” – Bruno, UK. [hozbreak]
“I used academic science proofreading service (silver standard) for my Essay.I was very satisfied with the feedback and the corrections.The service is very fast , I can just recommend this site.” – Emma, UK. [hozbreak]
“Dear Louise, I just wanted to say thank you for all the suggestions and corrections. I rewrote my essay according to what the marker suggested and I got a really good mark. I am so happy and grateful now. 🙂 I still have another essay to hand in which I will send to you by the end of this week if that’s ok! ” – Auraura, UK. [hozbreak]
“yes im great thanks, better for this having arrived. i originally intended to request a longer essay but left it at the short length, pleased regardless, this is great work with a great choice and amount of references. thanks again” – Richard, UK. [hozbreak]
“I am very pleased with the work. I’m 100% satisfied and it matches my criteria. To be honest I was very sceptical about using this service, as I used another company 2 years ago to write my coursework and the work was plagiarised in over 60%. I never got my money back. As I said I am very happy and would like to continue working with you. ” – Mattie, UK. [hozbreak]
“I have received the final work and I am great full the delivery has been made on time 🙂 Thank you very much and could you also thank the writer who has produced this work on my behalf. If any instance I need this service again, I will surely contact academic sciences.” – Saba, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you very much. The paper in fact was excellent. so you will get all the future work.” – Herman, UK. [hozbreak]
“Thank you very much for the work.I am pleased in it.I will contact you if  I need other service.” – Peter, UK. [hozbreak]
“All what you are doing is more and more in each single day proving that you are a decent fact and a professional genuine organisation that deserve all the respect. I have been looking for such institution in the UK for eight years and never ever met or dealt with anyone like Graduate Research… and am in God’s name writing this and mean each single letter in it… So Thank you now and ever….” – Mark, UK.[hozbreak]

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