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Below are some common questions and answers we have experienced. If you have a question that’s not listed, please feel free to email or call us and our friendly consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are based in Alton, Hampshire, in the South of England. We guarantee that students have access to a professional academic writing service that is based exclusively in the UK, with British academic researchers and writers available whenever you need them.

Many other online essay writing companies appear to have a UK presence when they are in fact based in India, Kenya and other English speaking countries around the world. 

Academic Sciences operates entirely from within the UK, employing only native-speaking graduates from UK universities to provide the best writing services online today.

Academic Sciences is part of the Thoughtbridge Consulting Group, registered in England and Wales at Companies House under Company No. Essay Writing Services UK is part of Thoughtbridge Consulting Ltd, registered in England and Wales at Companies House under Company No. 08589154. Our Registered Office address is: Turner House, 9–10 Mill Lane, Alton, Hants, GU34 2QG. These facts are easily checkable by consulting the Companies House website.  By UK law, all registered companies must display their company name, address and registration number on their websites. If you cannot find this on other websites we would strongly recommend you DO NOT TRUST THEM with your project.

We operate out of Hampshire in the South of England. Our office address is:

Turner House

9-10 Mill Lane



GU34 2QG

United Kingdom

Our essay and dissertation writing services are designed to be as simple and as user-friendly as possible. You provide the title and other individual requirements to us via our easy-to-use online order form and make your payment. Once your order is placed, our team will immediately set about selecting an academic expert in your particular subject area to work on your project. With hundreds of expert researchers working for us, this means that we typically have a number of potential writers for any given project, but you can be confident that we will always assign the very best and most appropriately qualified researcher to work on your custom essay or dissertation.     

Once assigned to the project, your professional academic writer will then carefully follow your instructions in order to research, plan, draft and write your custom order to your precise specifications. Once the paper is written and fully referenced, it will then be passed on to our Quality Assurance department, who will carefully check the document to ensure that it meets all your requirements and is free from grammar, spelling or punctuation errors. This may mean sending the work to one of our professional proofreaders, but don’t worry, this is included in the price and will not affect the deadline for delivery of your completed paper.

All orders come with the following:

  • FREE Fully Completed Bibliography
  • FREE Quality Check by an Expert
  • FREE Comprehensive Plagiarism Scan
  • FREE Plagiarism Report
  • FREE Amendments**
  • FREE Assistance in Locating Reference Sources***

For a complete list of our guarantees click here.

For further information on a representative selection of our writers and their academic qualifications click here.

You can place an order via our simple online order form.

Alternatively, you can contact us via one of the contact forms on the website, via the website chat widget, email or phone on 0203 011 2240

This is a hard pill to swallow, the best online writing services will not be cheap, they will in fact be amongst the most expensive. Why? There are a number of factors to consider here; 

  1. The cost of hiring a UK qualified academic– naturally there is a premium for this with UK higher education qualifications being respected worldwide for their genuine quality and academic standing. This comes with a price consideration which is necessary to pay in order to get the very best writers to undertake dissertation writing projects. No UK academic worth their fee will sell themselves short when it comes to their writing, so this is a serious factor to consider. 
  2. Business operational costs– conducting business in the UK is expensive, no question. Of the price you pay, 1/6th should almost certainly be made up of VAT (Value Added Tax) which is a tax on all sales in the UK which genuine UK companies with sales per annum of over £83,000 are by law required to charge. If a company is operating in the UK, and has a genuine volume of customers, they should almost certainly be charging and paying VAT on all sales, so this is something to check. If no mention is made of VAT, they are likely not a genuine UK dissertation writing service operating within UK laws. They will likely be based outside of the EU and therefore not obligated by the laws which govern trading in these areas and come with no consumer protection provided by these states. 
  3. Administration costs– We all know property costs in the UK are amongst some of the highest in the world. For a legitimate essay writing service / dissertation writing service to operate an office in the UK this comes with a high cost implication. So too business rates (council taxes/ electricity/water/telephone/broadband etc.). Staffing is also a major factor in this. Qualified UK staff are protected with minimum wage laws, pensions, training, tax implications and much more. This is a serious thing to consider as more often than not you can tell where a company is based by picking up the phone and speaking to their staff.
  4. Price is an indicator of quality– We all know that the products we want cost money, usually more money. Their desirability is the very thing that creates a price premium (think Apple iPhone). If something is the best, it stands to reason that the price would reflect this. If price was all that mattered, there would be only cheap dissertation writing services and no fluctuation in the prices of a dissertation. However, if you look at the difference in prices, there are a number of low-end cheap dissertation services and a lesser number of high-end quality writing services with very little existing in the middle of these two groups. Genuine operating costs and the quality of the service provided are the things to consider here when reviewing the price range being offered.
  5. Advertising– Naturally but somewhat unfairly, dissertation and thesis writing services are not welcomed by the academic establishment. This is understandable from one viewpoint but not from all. Some students simply do not get the help they need to succeed at university. It can be argued that this is a “survival of the fittest” type scenario, however, when looking at the exorbitant fees one must now pay to simply undertake a degree in the US or UK, it is wholeheartedly unjust that these same students do not get the type of education which is to be expected with this type of financial outlay, or achieve the very thing they have paid significant amounts of money to get. The one underlying reason dissertation writing services exist is to help those who are not getting the assistance they need from their university, for whatever reasons. By offering an alternative learning medium and ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ students how it should be done, professional dissertation writers and services can help those students who are being failed by the current academic system. The academic community and in turn mainstream media outlets do not permit the advertising of academic writing services which leaves very few options for getting the message to the people who need it. This again is a large factor in the cost of the services offered and provided to students across the academic spectrum. To reach them and make them aware that there is an alternative is an expensive process to undertake.


We offer a range of guarantees and assurances to our customers so they can order in confidence that they will get the service they expect.

You can review our guarantees in full here.

Our full refund policy can be found in our Guarantees section here.

Once an order is placed and paid for you will be sent a link to your own project portal. From here you can check on the status of your order, upload additional files and communicate directly with the team and your writer. Once your order is complete you will be notified via email that your project is finished and available for you to download.

Unlike many other services, we employ only British graduates. Our writers come from all over the world. We do not discriminate based on nationality but in order to obtain a writing position with us each and every writer must have come up through the UK higher education system and qualified with a minimum of a Postgraduate qualification in the field they write in. Our checks also include vetting our writers for a native level of English proficiency. Every order we complete is fully checked for spelling and grammar in order to uphold the standards we expect and promise our customers.

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